Our solution

The fossilizater

Our first solution is in the form of a set of sea containers for maximum robustness, compactness and flexibility. These early fossilisers have a maximum processing capacity of 10 tonnes per day, which represents 3500 tonnes per year.

A fossilizater can be installed on any land, within the limits of one installation per property, on simple declaration.

This zero-discharge facility is operational in one day at any site, with simple connections to the water and power grid.

Our fossilizater allows a real relocation of waste management. A community can then treat all the municipal waste in a neighbourhood on site.  An industry can use the aggregates near the site of their production.  

Our first fossilizater will come into operation in September 2020.

Development project : the factory

In a second phase, Neolithe have the ambition to deal with large tonnages, between 20,000 and 50,000 tonnes per year.

This format would allow us to present ourselves as a credible alternative to the incineration and the landfill systems.