The entrepreneurs

Nicolas Cruaud


Today, in the fourth year of the École Polytechnique, Nicolas received a double training in mechanical engineering and in entrepreneurship.

During his studies, he had the opportunity to lead 10 students on a space transport project.


Clément Benassy


Clément is a graduate of the Agroparistech School of Engineering where he received a double training in environmental engineering and business management.

Its activity is focused on the establishment of Neolithe as a company, its day-to-day management and environmental themes.

His entrepreneurial experience began in the community through the creation and management of associations. In particular, he created a music festival for 1,500 people and led a team of 60 people.

Research & Development

William Cruaud Sr


He has been a specialist inventor of concrete for 40 years and a stone cutter by training. A gold medallist at the Geneva Inventors’ Fair for innovative concrete, he led a company based on this invention for 15 years. 

Today, he works for Néolithe as technical director. He devotes his time to research and development of fossilizaters and binders.

Louis Jardin


He has a double diploma École Polytechnique-Chimie Paristech. He has competence in  engineering, chemistry and materials science.

He manages the laboratory partnerships, as well as the rise  in activity of the research laboratory. He is also involved in the development of Neolithic technical solutions.

Strategic advice

Jacques Attali

Strategic advisor

Thanks to his experiences at the leadership of many institutions and the Council of Presidents of the Republic, he brings his expertise on the company’s business strategy and we benefit from his extensive network in the areas of the construction industry and the environment.

His expertise is also valuable to our funding strategy, in which he plays a leading role.

Fonctions support

William Cruaud Jr

R&D assistant

William is an R&D engineer. He is a graduate of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) and carries out specific missions for Neolithe on topics of R&D and relations with laboratories.

He has great expertise in the fundamental aspect of our R&D, which he is passionate about. 

His goal is to support William Senior on the issues he may encounter in R&D and to formalize his ideas.