Your waste

We can treat every different non-recyclable waste

The Néolithe process is able to inert any type of waste and isolate it 100% from the outside.  Therefore, the solution is environmentally viable regardless of the input material.


Néolithe is a solution for ultimate waste, usually destined for incineration or landfill. We are not an alternative to the specific solutions to recycled waste, but a solution for all those who are not currently recycled.

Industrial and deconstruction waste

With its capacity container adapted to industries, Neolithe can be located next to any factory or construction site.

The Néolithe solution makes it possible to treat any type of non-hazardous industrial waste. Therefore, each of your non-recyclable wastes, however specific they may be, can have a second life. 

Moreover, this treatment system avoids unnecessary transportation of waste. It will allow you to have an eco-friendly industry with a drastic reduction of your treated waste outside your infrastructure. 

Similarly, waste from deconstruction sites can be processed on site and reused as raw material.

Household waste

The fossilizer which can  treat up to 3500 tonnes of waste per year, can fit perfectly into the waste management system of the communities.

The process accepts the same waste as incineration or landfill, the collection system remains the same.

Furthermore, a fossilizater can treat household waste of more than 10,000 people over 500 m². This allows a real relocation of waste management all this without nuisance for the inhabitants.